...bleib schön mobil, mit Rpd
The leased property is always
delivered where possible on
day befor arrival and picked
up one day after the end of the
rental period.
Billing is then about the hotel
or the concierge.
Every rental property is
always deliverd within Berlin
up there, where you don’t 
need all that. Please plan to
pick aminimum of tow hours
for pickup. So please call in
time the phone number
0177 833 57 73
For the transport ( delivery
and pickup ) we prvide
uniquely 30,15 € statement.
We have wheelchairs of
different types at our
disposal, with a seat width up
55 cm.
Of course, we will
always try to consider
your individual needs.
All rented mobility aids
will be delivered on the
time agreed and will be
collekted three hours
after your call from the
place where you do not
need it any more.
Of course, you will get a
receipt for each payment.
Payment will be settled
in cash ( € ) on site
sling, mattress covering and rolled
mattresses will not be rented.
Please bring along your ownones or buy
them from us.  For this purpose contact us
prior to your arival
Do myourneed any help foryour daily
We canarrange for a private cataking -
service, who will come into the hotel, if
needed. For this caretakingsrevice and
time please arrange in advance be
phone or per e-mail
If a residence is in Berlin, we raise no security deposit for the booking tool